Tahoma CARES

Tahoma CARES icon logoIn 2019, Tahoma School District partnered with parents, staff, students and community members to begin visioning a new strategic plan for student success. In 2021, the District implemented its 5-year plan, known as Tahoma CARES. The plan consists of 5 goals, each with specific targets. Learn more about Tahoma CARES, and each of the goals on this page. The District would like to extend sincerest thanks and gratitude to the thousands of people who collaborated with our School Board and District leaders to adopt our strategic plan. Your partnership supports our District vision of providing quality education, EVERY day, in EVERY classroom, for EVERY child.

Climate & Culture
We believe student success comes from a deep sense of belonging in our schools and classrooms. Healthy, positive relationships form firm foundations for each interaction. Our responsibility is to create safe and inclusive environments where all are valued, respected, and welcomed as authentic partners in our work. We collaborate to bring out the personal
best in students and staff in both academics and character.

Welcome & Belonging
- Relationships
- Joy in Learning & Accomplishment
- Partnership
- Safety
- Collaborative Leadership

High Expectations
We believe every student can learn and achieve at high levels, growing academically, socially, and emotionally every year.

Our responsibility is to support all students to reach their full potential and realize personal success and balance. Students and staff have high expectations for themselves, build upon their strengths, and explore their interests as leaders of their own learning. As they do this, they become increasingly confident in their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Our commitment to every student being Future Ready is rooted in the ideals of opportunity, equity, and inclusion.

- Growth
- Excellence
- Ambitious Instruction
- Future Ready Skills
- College & Career Readiness
- Recovery Learning & Beyond
- Instructional Leadership

We believe that students are best served when they experience partnership, collaboration and multi-faceted communication among schools, families, and our community. These partnerships will be nurtured and evolve to meet changing student needs. Students benefit from authentic engagement that is relevant in all aspects of their lives. Our learning community is strengthened through working together toward a shared vision and success for all students.

- Family Engagement
- Collaboration
- Stewardship
- Communications
- Transparency & Accountability

We believe that Tahoma Schools must be welcoming, supportive and safe for every student and every adult. Students, staff, and leaders honor diversity and are committed to creating a culture of respect that is inclusive and committed to equitable practices. Understanding and
empathy are valued and expected.

Equity ensures all students have what they need to learn and thrive. An equity lens is used to evaluate and improve climate and culture, programs, curriculum, policies, and family engagement. Our work will prioritize the elimination of inequities.

- Diversity & Inclusion
- Student Voice
- Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
- Family Engagement
- Leadership & Learning
- Staffing
We believe positive social, emotional, mental, and physical health and wellness are critical for student success. These are promoted through curriculum, relationships, partnerships within the community, and activities in our schools.

Students build a healthy foundation for lifelong wellness by learning to manage a continuum of emotions, cope with difficulty, set and work toward goals, self-advocate, establish and maintain healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions to support success in school and life.


Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
- Mental Health
- Healthy Behaviors
- Curriculum & Student Experiences
- Ongoing Education

Together, provide the tools and experiences every student needs to create an individual, viable and valued path to lifelong personal success.

Quality Learning
Every Day
in Every Classroom
for Every Child


Excellence - 
ensure each student receives an exemplary education that is academically challenging and meets their social and emotional needs
Collaboration - 
foster partnerships with families, community, and staff
Equity - 
eliminate opportunity gaps and achieve excellence by providing access to schools, resources, and learning opportunities according to each student’s unique needs
Leadership - 
effectively identify and monitor goals and targets that serve as a north star, allowing for a clear, shared vision
Stewardship - 
manage our resources to honor the community’s investment in our schools; create safe, healthy, and sustainable environments; support civic engagement; and serve current and future generations
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